The 7 Best Relationship Apps for Couples This Valentine's Day

Once dating apps have done their job and set you up with the love of your life, how do you keep that love alive? There's another app for that! Here are Mashable's picks for the seven best relationship apps for couples:

Lasting: Thoroughly researched and well-designed, this app distills teachings from the best relationship experts into weekly lesson plans broken down into several five or so minute sessions. It's designed predominantly for struggling marriages, so if that's not you, some lessons may feel like inventing problems that aren't there or forcing levels of intimacy your relationship isn't ready for. 

Relish: Premium access pairs you with a coach who asks for weekly check-ins and gives recommendations geared toward your particular situation. It's not extensive counseling by any means. But coupled with how the app helps you and your partner identify attachment types, areas of conflict, and love languages, Relish keeps things focused on your individual needs within a comprehensive scope. 

Dirty Sex Game for Couples: Do you ever miss that nervous excitement you got from playing Seven Minutes in Heaven in middle school? Despite a truly abysmal title, Dirty Sex Game for Couples brings all that back and more. You and your partner(s) play a simple but scintillating game of Truth or Dare, choosing between four levels of intensity (soft, hot, hard, or extreme). It's a great way to at least facilitate conversations about what gets you off through tons of creative ideas.

Emi Relationship Reminder:Emi is perfect for those who don't want to invest as much time or money as Relish or Lasting requires. It started out as a popular text bot that sent daily reminders to do quick, small exercises that build healthy relationship habits. The free app now offers the same service, but with push notifications. 

Gottman's Card Decks: Card Decks offers 1,000 questions and statements on a wide range of topics like love-mapping to sex. Each is designed to strengthen and deepen your relationship. While the user experience is a bit lacking, we love the emphasis on a research-based approach from the famed Gottman Institute.

Raft Calendar:There's lots to love about Raft. It's easy and beautiful and makes the chore of scheduling actually fun. Just connect it to your preferred calendar app and say goodbye to arguments about forgetting this or that event.

Desire:Desire turns romantic gestures and sexual dares into a game. That "game" (really just meaningless points and trophies) is pretty stupid. But the actual ideas embedded into the challenges — which range from roleplay, camping, dates, and even mundane chores like shopping — are actually surprisingly fun.