Luke Bryan Praises Wife Caroline

Luke Bryan gushed about his wife Caroline Boyer to Us Weekly on Wednesday at the American Idol premiere. Bryan said because of his crazy schedule, Boyer is in charge of taking care of their kids, as well as nieces and a nephew. "Just the responsibilities of our children and our family has certainly extended with our nieces, [Jordan and Chris], and our nephew, [Til], the logistics of her having to talk to five children a day, it’s amazing. It’s something to behold.” Bryan said that he's “kind of a workaholic,” and that Boyer has had to encourage him to turn down some opportunities. “I’ve gotten better, like, I’ve had to tell some people, ‘No,’ this year," he said. Bryan and Boyer were college sweethearts, and the singer said they earned his success "together." "She was the breadwinner for many, many years, so she was supporting me. Now we’re in a whole other phase, thank God!”