Siba the Standard Poodle Wins Best in Show at Westminster

Siba the Standard Poodle was named Best in Show at the 144th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Tuesday,USA Today reports. Siba bested a Whippet named Bourbon, Bono the Havanese, Conrad the Shetland Sheepdog, Daniel the Golden Retriever, Wilma the Boxer, and Vinny the Wire Fox Terrier in the final round to take the top honor. It's the first Best in Show for a Standard Poodle since 1991 and the fifth overall, making the breed one of only four to win the event five times. Earlier in the night, there was a little trouble between an Irish Water Spaniel and a judge, resulting in the dog's ejection from the event,Sporting Newsreports. The issues began for the dog maned Simone after she lunged at judge Theresa Hundt during the group judging stage. Simone's handler was able to calm the dog, but apparently she didn't like Hundt, jumping away from her a second time and refused to allow an inspection. Hundt then asked for the spaniel's removal. Some fans on Twitter believe Hundt may have stepped on the dog's paw, though, with one fan writing, "You might want to revaluate your judge Ms. Thersea L. Hundt. Stepping on a dog's paw would cause them to react the way they did. The Irish Water Spaniel and their handler deserved better." Despite the ejection, Simone was still named the best Irish Water Spaniel at the show.