NOAA Offers $20K Reward After Dolphins Found Shot in Florida

Due to a string of Florida dolphin killings, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is offering a $20K reward for information leading to a criminal arrest or civil penalties.USA Today reports that last week, one bottlenose dolphin was found shot--with a gun or spear--in the head. Another was found shot in the side, while another was found shot last year. "These cases can rarely be solved without the public," said a rep from NOAA's law enforcement division. Two of the dolphins "were likely in what we called begging posture," said a bottlenose dolphin expert. Some dolphins associate people with food and follow boats, begging to be fed. "I think it’s really hard for a lot of people to see how a simple thing like feeding a dolphin can lead to shocking and egregious behavior like this," said the expert.

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