Fallen FHP Trooper Joseph Bullock being escorted to Sarasota this morning

Fallen Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Joseph Bullock is being escorted from St. Lucie County to Sarasota this morning... Authorities are encouraging the public to come out and show their support.

Trooper Bullock, is a 19-year veteran of the agency,

Bullock was killed in the line of duty on Wednesday. He was shot as he tried to help a disabled vehicle on Interstate 95 in Martin County. He was 42 years old.

He is being escorted via Highway 70.... and there will be a heavy Law Enforcement presence during this time.

Our Community is encouraged to show support ...

He will be arriving in Manatee County on SR 70, east of the interstate at approximately around 11am and then the procession will merge onto I-75, heading south... towards Sarasota, where the procession will exit on Fruitville Rd, then head west at approximately 11:30am on Fruitville Rd.

At this time, that is the last we know if the route. FHP hasn't announced a final destination.