107-Year-Old Sarasota Man Drives Convertible, Has 99-Year-Old Fiancée

Joe Newman resides in a Sarasota, senior-living facility, but that doesn't mean he's slowing down.

The 107-year-old still has his drivers license and rolls around town in a sporty, hard-top Mercedes 320 convertible that he purchased from his podiatrist. He also has a 99-year-old fiancée.

Newman, whose parents were exiled to Siberia by the Tzar around 1900 for political dissension, was born in Illinois in 1913 and later relocated to South Bend, Indiana. He is also a graduate of Notre Dame.

So what's his secret? "It is my contention that mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise." And as for when he's getting married, he jokes, “We are waiting for my fiancée’s mother’s permission. Of course, we have had trouble getting an answer, but we will wait."

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