Piggy Cuddlers Wanted in South Carolina - Snuggling Pigs Up For Adoption

Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary in South Carolina is looking for volunteers to help socialize 100 pigs rescued from a hoarding case in Kentucky so they’re prepared to be adopted, says executive director Evan Costner.

To best do that, the animal rescue group is calling all... piggy cuddlers.

"Belly scratches, cookies, sitting with and even just talking to our pig friends can get them ready for their new home,” Cotton Branch said in a Facebook post.

The rescue group in Leesville, SC — roughly 30 miles west of Columbia — works to help abandoned, abused, neglected and elderly farm animals.

Costner said cuddling the piggies is an important step to help them adjust to their “prospective pig parents” down the road.

They need to socialize them so they can eventually bond with their forever home. The pigs will eventually become family pets.

Volunteers spend about an hour with the pigs three times a week. They’re usually ready for adoption — rolling over for belly rubs” and “pursuing you for attention — within a month.

Pigs are also quicker to house train than a dog.

For those hoping to adopt, Cotton Branch is looking for people whose property is zoned for pigs and who have a fenced-in yard, lots of shade and “a nice warm house to sleep in outside or inside.”

Pigs love their outside time but some can come inside the home during bedtime.

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