Use Your Gasparilla Beads for Free Admission to the Florida Aquarium

Use Your Gasparilla or DeSoto Beads for FREE or Discounted Admission...

The Florida Aquarium is offering free or discounted prices on admission, depending on how many pounds of beads you bring in.

According to a press release, from now until Jan. 31st, guests who bring 10 pounds of beads get $10 off their admission, 20 pounds equals $20 off admission. 30 pounds or more and admission is free.

Where do those beads go? The Florida Aquarium donates the beads to Macdonald Training Center, an educational center for the disabled, where they sort the beads and resell them to be used next year.

This is year number two that the aquarium has collected beads.

Beads can’t be recycled, according to the Florida Aquarium, “the community’s best choice for reducing waste at this event is the reduction and reuse of the beads.

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