Harry & Meghan Gave Palace 10-Minute Warning #Megxit Update

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shocked royal watchers and celebrities alike by announcing they’re stepping down from their “Senior Royal” roles and becoming “financially independent” – a move that’s been dubbed “Megxit.”

We have the latest updates on the situation, which unsurprisingly includes reports Harry has been “locked in a four-way conference”call over the decision.

It's been said Meghan and Harry sprung the decision on the rest of the Royal family - according to reports,they gave the family a ten-minute warning.

But a journalist who followed the couple’s tour of Africa says they the move at that time. “I sensed at the time," filmmaker Tom Bradby tells People magazine. "What I was witnessing on that trip was possibly a long, sad farewell to this royal life; in part, to us?”

Meanwhile, baby Archie has apparently been in Canada this whole time, where the Sussex family went on their holiday getaway.

According to“People,”Meghan and Harry left Archie with Meghan’s bestie Jessica Mulroney while they flew to Britain for the announcement.“Daily Mail”reports that now that it’s out of the way, Meghan has flown back to Canada to pick him up… but that she also may stick around.

There've been reports that Oprah, of all people, "advised" Meghan and Harry about their decision - but the woman herself has kiboshed that rumor.

"Meghan and Harry do not need my help in figuring out what's best for them,"Winfrey said in a statement to ET. "I care about them both and support whatever decisions they make for their family."