Co-Workers in South Carolina Raise Money to Buy Car for Woman

60-year-old Darlene Quinn of Greenville, South Carolina, has been walking 12 miles home from work at FedEx since her car broke down three months ago.

Darlene’s co-workers noticed that she was walking home each day – and were amazed that she was so reliable, never missing a shift and never complaining.

So last month, the co-workers started a GoFundMe campaign to help get Darlene a car.

It didn’t take long. Within a week, about 100 people had donated plenty of money – and Darlene was surprised at work with the gift of a reliable vehicle.

But the giving doesn’t stop there. Upon hearing Darlene’s story, two businesses in Greenville also reached out wanting to help. One of them is offering free oil changes and the other is offering tire service as needed.

Darlene is set to go – and will no longer have to take that long hike each day just to get home from work.