20 Drivers Stop Traffic to Rescue Dog on a Busy Texas Highway

A bunch of drivers in Houston, Texas, went above and beyond the call of duty to rescue a dog that was stranded on a busy highway.

The dog's owner was in an accident and, during the chaos, the dog sprinted from the vehicle and down Beltway 8.

The drivers on that highway were able to safely stop in the middle of the road to get the dog to safety.

Those involved said that everyone seemed to be on the same page and were working as a team. They slowed down. They put on flashers. They stopped. And then, the one thing that everyone cared about was taking care of that dog.

Eventually, someone caught the dog and kept it out of harm’s way. And during the wait, someone was even able to offer a bowl of water to help the pooch cool down and calm down until the owner arrived.