Alabama Sheriff's Deputy Helps Disabled Veteran Get To Doctor Appointment

Last week, Sergeant Kevin Emberg of the Walker County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama was dispatched to check out a report of an elderly man walking down a highway alone. The caller suspected the man might have been a man who had been reported missing.

The man was actually Gulf War veteran Gerald David Baldwin, who was desperate to get to a doctor’s appointment. Without transportation, Gerald decided to walk, dragging his oxygen tank behind him.

Sergeant Emberg stepped up and delivered Gerald to the county line, where he arranged for another county sheriff’s deputy to finish the trip and get Gerald to his appointment.

And then, they did it all again – only in reverse – to get Gerald back home.

Thanks to news of the police escort spreading in the community, there’s been an outpouring of support, which will result in Gerald getting plenty of help getting to and from his appointments in the future