33-Year-Old Iraq War Vet Is College Football's Oldest Walk-on

After setting football aside for more than a decade, U.S. Army veteran Joshua Griffin is now a walk-on for Colorado State University at the age of 33.

Thanks to the Armed Forces' "Green to Gold" program, the Iraq War veteran is now getting a college education--and contributing to the school's football team after practically stalking CSU's Director of Football Operations, Tom Ehlers. "He was a determined old guy," Ehlers says. "When you see Josh coming, you can't help but feel like, 'Good for him.' And good for us. He's done it right."

Even though Griffin is playfully ribbed on the team for being the oldest--some players call him Ben-Gay--coach Mike Bobo has put him on the leadership council and many look up to him for his dedication and hard work. Griffin served about two-and-a-half years overseas and remains an active-duty sergeant to this day.0

 He has expressed interest in participating in Senior Day this year and plans to re-enter the Army upon graduation. His message to others is "don't let others put their limitations on you."