Marine Veteran walked 810 miles in 42 days for Veteran Suicide Awareness

One year after Marine veteran Travis Snyder returned home to northern Michigan from a tour in Afghanistan, a close friend from his task force died by suicide.

It shook him up, of course. But instead of just mourning the loss of his friend, Travis decided to do something to make things better.

So, he left his job and his apartment -- and started walking around Lake Michigan, with the hopes of raising awareness for suicide prevention.

He planned on sleeping outside. But that didn’t happen as every single night, a stranger opened their home to him, giving him a place to rest.

Travis recently finished his walk after 42 days on the road. He averaged over 20 miles a day and ended up with 810 miles under his belt.

More importantly, he ended up with thousands of people following his journey on Facebook. Which means, thousands of people learned his story -- and learned about his cause -- along with every person he met in person along the way.