Florida Cop Tells Man to Stop Calling 911 Because Roommate Stole His Weed

A man in Pasco County (just up the road from us) thought his Saturday night was ruined this past weekend after his roommate allegedly stole his weed--and he really wanted the cops to know.

The unidentified "Florida Man" called 911 so many times that an officer was finally asked to give him a call and tell him to stop. "The guy’s calling in saying his roommate stole his weed, $20 worth and he’s upset and he keeps calling 911, so I had to give him a call and tell him to stop calling about his weed," a sheriff's deputy said in a video posted to his department's Twitter page as part of a Saturday-night "tweet-along."

The cop added, "I called him to let him know not to call the sheriff’s office to report his drugs. He started to freak out a little on the phone, and then hung up on me shortly after.”

Take a look at the Sheriff Office's Twitter Feed, from this past Saturday night, below...