Miami Bus Driver Helps Save a Life For the Third Time in Her Career

In Miami, Florida, bus driver Laronda Marshall is being called a superhero after stepping up and saving the life of one of her passengers, which happened to be the third time she rescued someone since she started driving a bus eight years ago.

Laronda was driving her bus when one of her passengers slumped over in his seat. She laid him on the bus floor to perform CPR and didn’t stop pressing his chest until first responders arrived.

The man survived and paramedics said that if Laronda hadn’t jumped into action, he would not have made it.

But being called a hero is not new for Laronda. A couple years ago, she protected a pedestrian lying in the road after being hit by a car -- and also guided a little girl alone in the middle of the street to safety on her bus.

Laronda used to be a certified nursing assistant. And now, as a bus driver, she’s grateful she is able to use her medical skills to save lives.