World War II Veteran Requests 100 Cards for his 100th Birthday

World War II veteran James South of Watauga, Texas, is turning 100 on October 7th -- and he got on the Internet to request some help celebrating.

James, who now lives at a retirement home, posted a picture of himself posing with a large sign asking for 100 birthday cards for his birthday.

Well, it didn’t take long for the Internet to respond. The picture went viral and hundreds of people have sent him online messages, thanking him for his service and wishing him a happy early birthday.

And now, James – along with the staff of his retirement home – are bracing for the tidal wave of cards and letters he’s sure to receive in the next month

The red card he is holding reads.....

“Hello! My name is James South and I am a proud WWII veteran! I will be turning 100 on October 7th, 2019. I would like to receive 100 birthday cards. Please mail to: 5800 North Park Dr., Watauga, TX 76148. Thank you!” the sign reads.