Jeep donates 6 motorized mini Wranglers to Michigan Children's Hospital

When kids are dealing with serious illnesses at the hospital, they are often moving place-to-place. There are doctors to visit and operations to deal with.

But thanks to an effort at Children’s Hospital of Michigan, the kids are able to move around in style, thanks to a donation of six mini-Jeeps, which have replaced gurneys and wheelchairs.

The auto company Fiat Chrysler, which manufactures Jeeps, stepped up and donated six toy motorized Authentic Jeep Wranglers.

Not surprisingly, the toys have been a big hit, helping both children and parents be less frightened about all the medical stuff going on.

Instead of dreading being loaded onto a gurney or wheelchair, the kids are excited to ride in style, with some of those kids picking their favorites long before they’re scheduled to have an operation.