City of Palmetto offers cash to help residents save money and water

Do you live in Palmetto?

How about some free money?

Well, the city of Palmetto is now offering a new rebate program to get utility customers to conserve water, if they make the switch to low-flow toilets.

It is a partnership with the Southwest Florida Water Management District, with it. the city of Palmetto will offer rebates of up to $100 per toilet for utility customers who replace their high-flow (3.6 gallons per flush) toilet to a low-flow model toilet (1.28 gallons per flush).

The city, wants to reduce the amount of water used for flushing toilets.

Toilets purchased and replaced by city of Palmetto Water Department customers after Oct. 1 will be eligible, however there is a household limit of two toilets per year.

Also... The toilets must be verified by an on-site confirmation, which means those who do replace their toilets should keep the old one on site until verification is completed. The rebate will then take four to six weeks to process.

Old high-flow toilets will be picked up for free when placed at the curb on the customer’s normal garbage day, says the city.

For more information about the Toilet Rebate Program, including how to apply, call city staff at 941-417-2890 or email:

Applications and related forms can also be found online at the City of Palmetto’s website.