3-year-old donates hundreds from lemonade stand for police K-9

Three-year-old Lainie Stephens of Germantown, Wisconsin, raised hundreds of dollars for her local police department's K-9 unit -- all through the power of lemonade.

It was inspired by Lainie’s mom, Molly, who wanted to keep Lanie busy during a three-day yard sale at her home.

Lanie was certainly busy, selling so much lemonade that she was able to donate $750 to the Germantown Police Department.

Molly admitted that she thought the lemonade stand would raise $40 or so. But thanks to Lainie meeting people as they walked up the driveway, big money poured in.

The Germantown Fire Department even stopped by, and Lainie served them personally.

The money will help the department purchase another K-9, which will continue to keep those in the community safe. And, it was all made possible by a simple lemonade stand -- and an excited three-year-old girl.