11 Year Old Boy Donates Backpacks to Kids Displaced by Hurricane Dorian

It has been a difficult time for kids in the Bahamas over the past few weeks because of Hurricane Dorian. But one boy in Jupiter, Florida, wanted to make sure the kids who were affected by the storm in the Bahamas could start school with everything they needed.

Once he heard the news about the storm, 11-year-old Cade Frye started collecting backpacks filled with school supplies and toys for those students.

Cade then delivered those backpacks to all the kids who were in his hometown, displaced by Hurricane Dorian.

Cade was inspired to take action because he didn’t want any of the kids to feel left out. And, will continue to deliver more backpacks to families in the Bahamas to help the kids get through this tough time and return to their normal lives as quickly as possible. (