Stranger Receives Wrong Text, But Then Begins Raising Money for Sick Child

When Abby Fink realized she'd sent a text message to a wrong number, she probably didn't realize how lucky she was to have made that mistake. Fink thought she was texting a church friend with a very sick 4-year-old child, but instead reached a man identified only as Bill.

Abby had intended to take dinner to the parents of Noah Jakeman, who is fighting for his life with a form of epilepsy and cerebral palsy, which causes severe respiratory problems. Once Bill found out that Noah was in a Phoenix-area ICU, he decided to get involved by raising money on Facebook to help the family, as well as ask for blood donations.

Bill also wanted to fill Noah's room with cards and gifts so the child would "see himself surrounded in love from the community." "It made me realize that no matter how hard that can be, I'm super lucky," Bill told the outlet. Fink was amazed by Bill's generosity, "It's amazing," she said of Bill. "He is a total stranger and he just wanted to jump into action." "I told him he was an angel," Fink said. Noah is still in the ICU, but is reportedly making progress.