South Carolina boy uses Disney trip money to buy food to Dorian evacuees

Six-year-old Jermaine Bell of Allendale, South Carolina, had been saving his money for months for a trip to Walt Disney World he was hoping to take to celebrate his seventh birthday.

And then, Hurricane Dorian hit and Jermaine came up with a new plan.

Instead of saving the money for his dream vacation, Jermaine decided to empty his piggy bank to buy food for dozens of people who were displaced and passing through his town because of the hurricane.

Jermaine opened a hot dog stand on the side of a busy road and offered those passing by free hot dogs, water and chips.

He’s planning on cooking and distributing food all week until everyone is safely back home.

But don’t worry. He’s not giving up his dreams of going to Disney World. He expects to visit another time.

For now, he believes he has more important work to do that just can’t be ignored