Say What? There Is Now Mustard Ice Cream

Mustard Ice Cream. That's right. French's unveiled their new mustard flavored ice cream, but don't get too excited because it doesn't sound like it's going to last. Or even come to Minnesota...

French’s, America’s largest manufacturer of mustard, has teamed up with L.A.-based ice cream company Coolhaus to create a product hybrid that is high in shock value.
The initial flavor you experience is not mustard, but sweet hints of cotton candy and bubble gum ice cream. Once you get to bites two or three, though, it really hits you: that unmistakable tang that makes you want a hot dog real bad.
The general consensus is that we didn’t hate it. It weirdly kind of works, in its own special way. One scoop is definitely fun and doable, but two scoops might be pushing it a bit.

But if you want to try it, you will have to get a ticket to New York or LA. Or just hope that they release it in stores.

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