New York City Cop Hails a Cab for Visually Impaired Woman

These days we’re all in need of positive, uplifting stories. So much so, that even the smallest gesture of kindness gets loads of attention.

A New York City cop has gone viral for helping a blind woman hail a taxi cab -- an act of kindness that was captured on video and shared online.

Officer Donald Swartz noticed a visually-impaired woman walking toward the street with a cane, so he walked over to her to make sure she was safe. He then asked if there's anything else he could do for her and she said she needed help getting a taxi.

The officer then raised his arm, pointed to a cab and directed the driver to stop. He helped the woman into the car and told the driver where to take her.

Officer Swartz says he's surprised by the attention such a simple act has received. He says, "This is 98% of the police work we do or try to do. Seeing the positive side of policing is great. Because a lot of times we just see the negative and I know we don't like that and the community doesn't like that. But it's good to see something positive get out there."