South Carolina Police Officer Pulls Car For Speeding and Saves Baby's Life

Deputy Will Kimbro of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department was just doing his job when he pulled a car over for speeding last month in South Carolina. But, he went over and above the call of duty when he ended up saving the life of a newborn in that car.

During the routine traffic stop, the driver announced that her baby had stopped breathing after drinking from a bottle.

That’s when Deputy Kimbro jumped into action. He noticed that the baby was limp and had pale blue skin from lack of oxygen. So, he checked the pulse and massaged the baby’s heart.

He knew the special CPR worked when the baby started crying -- and he didn’t stop working with the baby until she caught her breath and was breathing completely on her own.

An emergency medical team then arrived on the scene and took the baby to a local hospital. She recovered fully and was released, thanks in large part to the quick thinking and action of Deputy Kimbro, who was at the right place at the right time.