Vietnam Veteran Who Was Drafted, Goes Back Earns High School Diploma

A 78-year-old Vietnam War veteran can now call himself a high school graduate after he finally earned his diploma last week.

Floyd Covey was 18 years old and preparing to graduate from high school when he was drafted to serve in Vietnam. It was always his mother's wish for him to get his high school diploma, and after 60 years, he finally fulfilled her wish.

Covey, who currently resides at a VA facility in Martinsburg, West Virginia, was invited by Upshur County Schools to attend this year's high school graduation commencement to receive his diploma, but he couldn't attend because of medical issues.

So instead, the school district and the West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance brought the commencement to him.

Covey, wearing a blue cap and gown, was finally handed his high school diploma. He said he kept thinking about his mother and how proud she would be.