Pennsylvania Police Officer Pulls Over to Help Elderly Woman Mow Her Lawn

A Pennsylvania police officer has gone viral after her act of kindness beyond the call of duty was caught on video.

Officer Bridgette Wilson was driving around when she spotted Sharon Markle mowing her lawn. Markle, who is elderly and disabled, appeared to be struggling to get the lawn done, so Officer Wilson pulled over and approached her.

Markle admits she was nervous when the officer started walking toward her and wondered if she had done something wrong. But she had nothing to worry about.

Officer Wilson told her to "sit down and get rest" because she was looking exhausted. The officer then started up her mower and finished the job for her.

A passerby named Ryan Brunner saw the whole thing play out and captured it onvideo, which he shared on Facebook. But that's not all he did.

Brunner was so inspired by what he saw the officer do, that he contacted Markle and told her that he, and the barber shop he works at, are going to take care of her lawn for the rest of the summer.