Mother Praises Kind Passenger For Being Flying Buddy for Her Autistic Son

A Las Vegas mom is heaping praise on a compassionate stranger who sat next to her son -- a seven-year-old boy with autism -- on a recent flight.

Alexa Bjornson put Landon on a flight to Portland, Oregon to visit his father. It was the first time he was flying alone, so she was very nervous.

She had him loaded with snacks and games to keep him occupied. But she also gave him a note to show to the person sitting next to him. It explained that Landon was flying unaccompanied for the first time and could be scared and emotional. She added, "If you could please find it in your heart to make him feel comfortable and safe, I would be forever grateful." She included her phone number and a $10 bill and said, "This is for you."

When the flight landed, Alexa received a text message from a man named Ben Pedraza who said he sat next to Landon and spent the entire flight talking to him and playing games. He included a selfie he took with Landon and wrote, "He's a great kid and you're a lucky mom." He added that he donated the $10 to the Autism Society in honor of Landon.