7 Year Old Kansas City Boy Visits Nursing Homes to Cheer Up Residents

Residents of nursing homes in Kansas City,Kansas, have had their lives brightened by visits from a special seven-year-old boy named Oliver Davis, who regularly shows up with hugs and flowers.

But Oliver’s visits are extra special because he also shows up dressed like a police officer – and gives out “tickets” to the residents for such “crimes” as being “too cute.”

Oliver wants to be a police officer when he grows up, so he’s kick-starting his career now by reaching out to those who need a boost.

Amazingly, Oliver visits two nursing homes each week and spends a few hours during each visit. Just in the last year, Oliver handed out 15,000 flowers – and has no plans on stopping.

Oliver’s mom definitely sees the impact her son has on the people he meets, explaining that the residents often don’t want to let him go during their special hugs.