Say What? Python Swallows Crocodile WHOLE

The GG Wildlife Rescue in Australia just posted some pictures of an olive python swallowing a freshwater crocodile WHOLE. It's a lot.

A kayaker named Martin Muller who was paddling by when he happened upon the grisly sight snapped the photos and I honestly don't know how he had enough where with all to think "this is the perfect time to snap a few pics!" But I guess on the one hand, the animals were pretty wrapped up at the moment to bother with poor Martin.

According to the original article, here's the actual science behind how this is even possible, "Thanks to their divided lower jawbone, which allows the elastic ligament holding the mandible to spread beyond comprehension, snakes are able to get their mouth around their prey while simultaneously constricting the animal and shoving it inside. Then, their powerful digestive enzymes and adaptive metabolism help efficiently convert their dinner into fuel for possibly months."