Dog Abandoned by Her Owner. Now is Thriving as a Police Dog

Less than a year after being abandoned near a Colorado park, a 2-year-old female Belgian Malinois has a new role in life--serving on a K9 unit for the Denver Sheriff Department. But before her new role, things weren't as rosy for the poor animal. The stray roamed a nearby neighborhood for six days before allowing herself to be captured by a concerned family.

The animal was so beat up and hungry, paws worn and bleeding, that the family took her to a vet, who treated her but also noted her breed: Belgian Malinois are known to be high energy and good working dogs.

The vet contacted the Front Range Explosives Detection organization, and they were able to place the animal in a police training program. They also gave her a name--Karma.

By May, Karma was certified and working as an explosives detection dog alongside partner Deputy Patrick Hynes of the Denver Sheriff Department. Hynes and Karma work the City and Council Building in Denver, where the mayor's and judges' officers are located.