Funeral Therapy Dog Gives People a Furry Shoulder to Cry On

In Nashville, Tennessee, a funeral home has figured out a way to help people through difficult emotional times by letting a therapy dog hang around to ease any tensions in the room.

Funeral director Mandi Marlin realized that many of the people walking through her door were scared and didn’t know what to expect.

Knowing that her clients were anxious and that their emotions were at an all-time high, Mandi wanted to do something to ease their difficult days.

So, she brought in a 15-month-old dog named Mac, who always seems to know what to do to break the tension.

At first, clients are confused to see a dog at a funeral home. But it doesn’t take long for them to get used to the idea and relax.

Mac comes to work every day. He even visits the graveyard, walks through visitations and offers free hugs.

And the families who bump into him along the way never forget him, with many even coming back to say “thank you” for giving them a furry shoulder to cry on.