Fantastic Program Teaches Injured Veterans to Surf

A charity program called Operation Surf is touching the lives of military veterans and first responders by teaching them how to surf.

The program was in Huntington Beach,California, earlier this month. Dozens of veterans and first responders got into the water with volunteers and did their best to learn to ride the waves.

Many of those in the program have injuries that affect their daily lives. This doesn’t matter to the volunteers, as they’re trained to help everyone catch a wave. 

According to Danny Nichols, who runs the program in Huntington Beach, it’s all about surrendering. You have no control over the ocean, so the only thing you can control when you’re out there is your attitude.

This ends up being an important lesson for many of the men and women who participate. It gives them a big boost to be surrounded by others who are focused on the water – and not on any anxiety.