9-year-old Raises money to Buy Bulletproof Vests for K-9 Officers

9-year-old Brady Snakovsky of Strongsville,Ohio, wanted to help out a local K-9 unit, so he set a goal of raising enough money to donate one bulletproof vest to keep one police dog safe while on duty.

Brady started a GoFundMe campaign in January 2018 and spent time promoting it.

Thanks to his hard work and imagination, the campaign has been a huge success. Amazingly, Brady has raised more than $77,000 and donated vests to 84 police dogs in several states.

And, he isn’t ready to stop yet. More than 50 police K-9 units are on a waiting list, so Brady will continue to raise funds and get those vests to the dogs that need them.

Not surprisingly, Brady hopes to one day become a police officer himself. But for now, he’s having fun and doing all he can to help police departments in his own special way.