Manatee County Pauses on Removal of All Australian Pines at Coquina Beach

Manatee County delivers update on Coquina Beach stormwater project and removal of Australian Pines

MANATEE COUNTY, FL (June 6, 2019) – County Administrator Cheri Coryea delivered an update on the Coquina Beach parking and stormwater drainage project and removal of Australian Pines to Manatee County Commissioners this morning. 

Coryea will deliver a thorough report on the pine removal to Commissioners June 18, but today she recommended proceeding with the removal of six pines today in order for the stormwater project to proceed without financial penalties to the County.  

"We have mobilized and the project is underway and all the materials are on site," Coryea said. "The six trees in question are in the path of the next area of the stormwater drainage that must be put in. By (acting today) we won’t have to demobilize or move materials and delay the project." 

The six pines that must be removed are in the Coquina Beach parking lot in the direct path of the stormwater drainage project. Commissioners agreed that no more than six pines will be removed until more details are delivered and discussed during the Board's regular meeting on June 18. Following this morning's briefing, Coryea relayed the update to Bradenton Beach Mayor John Chappie. 

There are approximately 1,500 total trees along the Coquina Beach parking area, nearly 1,000 of which are Australian Pines. An arborist has recommended note that the tree removal comes to improve public safety at one of the County’s most popular public beaches: Australian pines are an invasive species that are some of the first to blow over during high winds, causing major damage and public hazards during storm season.

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