Classmates Help Student See Color for First Time

A 22-year-old college student studying to become a dental hygienist was on the verge of having her career ambitions crushed, but then her friends and classmates came together to rescue her future.

Savannah Allen has dealt with colorblindness her entire life but never thought it would prevent her from becoming a dental hygienist. But her professor told her that since she can't distinguish the difference between the color of plaque and gum tissue, there's no way she could work in the field.

Savannah was devastated, but then her friends and classmates stepped up to help. They started a GoFundMe campaign and raised enough money to buy her a pair of EnChroma colorblind corrective glasses.

They then presented her with the glasses and caught her emotional reaction on video. She said, "It literally took my breath away. I haven’t seen color in 21 years; it was overwhelming. That they would do something like this for me is amazing. The glasses have improved my quality of life 100 percent!”