Fifth-Grader Saves Choking Teacher

Kids spend way too much time watching videos on YouTube, but there's a fifth-grade teacher in Michigan is glad they do.

Dylan Paul was sitting at his desk on Monday when he noticed his teacher, Karen Renko, choking on a muffin. He recognized her hand gestures as the universal sign of choking and he immediately rushed to help.

While his classmates ran to get help, Dylan recalled a YouTube video he had seen about the Heimlich maneuver and got to work.

He says, "What I did was I propped right up at the sternum and then I would pull back. And then somebody else, the other kids in my class, went to go get teachers to help, but when they got there I already, um, she had already stopped choking."

The teacher later said, "His presence of mind and willingness to step up and help shows that he is wise beyond his years. Dylan is a real-life hero."