Mother Adopts Four Children with Down Syndrome

Like many single moms, Erika Rogers of Michigan runs a busy household. But hers is especially busy because she cares for nine kids -- including four with Down Syndrome.

The four kids with Down Syndrome range from ages nine to 22 -- and were all adopted from an orphanage in Ukraine.

Erika provides a safe, comfortable home -- and does her best to keep up with cooking, cleaning and helping everyone stay on top of their homework.

Their life in Michigan is a welcome change from the challenges they faced in Ukraine, where the orphanage wasn’t able to meet their special needs.

As Erika takes on the challenge of a family of this size, she appreciates how each child expresses their own personalities. And because everyone has to work together to keep the household running, Erika can see that the kids have more compassion and more understanding -- which will lead to them growing up to be amazing adults because of their unique upbringing.