Police Officer Helps Autistic Boy Find Lost Teddy Bear

A 911 operator in Woodbridge Township, New Jersey, answered an unusual call from someone who lost a teddy bear. The person who made the call hung up, so the 911 operator traced the phone call and sent a police officer to figure out what was going on -- and to solve the problem.

Officer Khari Manzini showed up and learned that the call was made by 12-year-old Ryan Paul. Ryan is autistic -- and was distressed when he couldn’t find his favorite toy.

It all made sense very quickly to Officer Manzini. Ryan had been taught to call 911 when there was an “emergency.” This was an emergency, so Ryan made the call.

Officer Manzini hung around long enough to find -- and rescue -- the teddy bear in Ryan’s room.

The policeman then stayed to take photos with Ryan and make sure he felt safe.