Little Girl with Brain Tumor Getting Mail From Doggies

Not many people can say they've received a letter from a dog, but then there's seven-year-old Emma Mertens of Wisconsin -- who has gotten 100,000 of them.

Emma loves dogs. In January, she was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor and has been courageously battling it.

A family friend, who knows how much Emma loves dogs, got an idea to help raise her spirits. She shared a post on social media and asked people to have their dogs "write" a letter to Emma along with a picture.

It started with about a dozen letters and then just took off from there. She's been so overwhelmed with letters that the family needed to get a postal box to accommodate the letters -- all 100,000 of them.

Emma's dad says, "I’ve stopped counting, but we were at 20 different countries at one point and every state. We’ve gotten pictures from Australia, Venezuela, Japan, Italy, Russia -- and actually a lot from Scotland and the Netherlands for some reason.”

In addition to the letters, a GoFundMe page was set up has raised over $120,000 to help the family pay her medical expenses.

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