Hero Pup's Save Owner's Life

A St. Augustine, Florida woman is alive today after suffering a stroke at her home and she has two Labrador retrievers who can expect a lot of treats and belly rubs.Maureen Hatcher lives alone with her two dogs, Bella and Sadie. Last month, she suffered a stroke and collapsed. As she lay on the floor, unable to move and barely able to speak, the dogs ran over to help. Hatcher's videodoorbell captured both dogs sprinting out of the house and into the street to get help. They came upon her neighbor, Alexandra Naspolini, who could tell there was something wrong.She followed the dogs back to the house and walked inside to find Hatcher on the floor. She immediately called 911.A short while later, paramedics arrived and treated her in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Medics say if they hadn't gotten to her so soon, the stroke could have killed her. They say there's no doubt the dogs saved her life.