Firefighters Rescue Dog from Icy Pond

Firefighters Rescue Dog from Icy Pond

A team of firefighters in Lone Tree, Colorado, worked together and braved extreme elements to rescue a dog that fell into an icy pond.

The dog fell into the ice cold water and was stuck. He wasn’t able to climb up and was at risk of serious injury.

Luckily, the firefighters rushed to the pond with enough equipment and experience to rescue the dog.

A rescuer in a dry suit went into the icy water while other team members stayed on shore and held a safety rope. The rescuer was able to make his way through the ice and water and get the dog back on the surface -- and then to dry land.

With both rescuers and the dog out of harm’s way, all that was left to do was warm up again -- and appreciate the firefighters who are trained to be experts at ice rescues. 

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