Dog Finally Finds Home After Eight Years in Shelter

Dog Finally Finds Home After Eight Years in Shelter

In England, a dog named Roxy finally found a forever home -- after spending eight years in a shelter.

Roxy is described as highly intelligent, but despite her smarts, she kept getting passed over by families adopting dogs.

Because of her long stay, the staff at the shelter became her family. They went out of their way to bring special games to keep Roxy entertained -- and were amazed at how quickly she could figure them out.

Well, Roxy’s life changed a few months ago when professional dog groomer Leanne Wenban noticed how long Roxy had been in the shelter -- and wanted to rescue her.

But, Roxy didn’t want to be rescued. This meant that Leanne had to visit Roxy over and over until she felt comfortable. It took six months of visits for Roxy to relax and get used to Leanne.

Everything worked out and Leanne was finally able to bring Roxy home -- just in time for Christmas.

Roxy is still getting used to the peace and quiet of her forever home, but is enjoying her time with her new family -- as well as her own bedroom and blankets. 

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