12 Year Old Collecting 1,800 Blankets for Those in Need

In 2014, eight-year-old Samuel Verhage realized just how hard it was for homeless people to get through the winters in Michigan and he wanted to do help, so he started a charity drive called Samuel’s Blankets For The Homeless.

Since then, Samuel – now 12 years old – has grown. And, so have his charity efforts.

He has organized the collection of blankets and sleeping bags from all over western Michigan. So far, he’s gathered over 1,000, with people dropping them off in 36 different locations.

It’s still early in the season, of course, so Samuel has set a goal of 1,800 blankets by Thanksgiving Day.

He has confidence that the public will help him reach and exceed his goal, and suggests that people “just have a heart for people who are needy.” 

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