Rescue Dog is Now an Ice Skating Star


Cheryl Del Sangro of Las Vegas loves dogs. This love for dogs is what inspired her to adopt a Yellow Labrador named Benny from a rescue shelter.

Cheryl also loves ice skating. She started skating when she was just four years old ā€“ and has been coaching for decades.

In an effort to do what she loves ā€“ which is skate ā€“ and spend more time with Benny, she decided to take Benny to the skating rink. But instead of just having Benny hang around, she was inspired to give Benny a special experience by creating a special pair of ice skates for him and letting him glide around the ice.

It worked.

For the last year, Benny has been learning to skate. Heā€™s able to sort of play ice hockey and has been improving in his ability to turn, do crossovers and even hop.

Benny seems to have having a blast and is getting so good at doing tricks on the ice that Cheryl is hoping Benny can perform during a Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey game. 

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