Rescue Dog is Now an Ice Skating Star


Cheryl Del Sangro of Las Vegas loves dogs. This love for dogs is what inspired her to adopt a Yellow Labrador named Benny from a rescue shelter.

Cheryl also loves ice skating. She started skating when she was just four years old – and has been coaching for decades.

In an effort to do what she loves – which is skate – and spend more time with Benny, she decided to take Benny to the skating rink. But instead of just having Benny hang around, she was inspired to give Benny a special experience by creating a special pair of ice skates for him and letting him glide around the ice.

It worked.

For the last year, Benny has been learning to skate. He’s able to sort of play ice hockey and has been improving in his ability to turn, do crossovers and even hop.

Benny seems to have having a blast and is getting so good at doing tricks on the ice that Cheryl is hoping Benny can perform during a Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey game. 

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