Paid Parking is Coming to St. Armands Circle

Paid Parking is Coming to St. Armands Circle

The City of Sarasota is bringing "Pay Parking" to St. Armands Circle. 

There will be 40 pay Stations and 20 Parking meters installed at St. Armands Circle, by Mid December. 

The stations and meters will not become active until the completion and opening of the St. Armands Parking Garage, which is expected in Mid January.

There will be 4 different price points for the "Pay Parking" at St. Armands Circle.... The closer the parking spot is to everything, the more it will cost... Each pay level, corresponds with a different color. 

Dark Green $1.50 per hour 

Yellow $1.00 per hour 

Magenta Lot $.75 per hour

New Parking Garage $.50 per hour 

Light Green Free

Lulu says $1.50 an hour, for so many of the spots, is too much. I think, the timing of this is terrible, with effects of Red Ride still hurting many local businesses. It starts in January.

 What are your thoughts on Paid Parking on St Armands? Share your thoughts with us, below... 


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