Community Moves Up Halloween for a Special Boy

Community Moves Up Halloween for a Special Boy

Halloween for most Americans is tomorrow, but four-year-old Sonny Meade of Illinois already got to celebrate his favorite holiday last week -- thanks to his tight-knit and compassionate community.

Sonny has a birth defect called craniosynostosis, which stunts the growth of his skull and requires multiple surgeries. He was scheduled to undergo another operation last Friday, which would keep him in the hospital and force him to miss Halloween.

After learning about this, the community stepped up and decided to move the holiday up a week so that Sonny could go trick-or-treating.

27 houses in the neighborhood had bowls of candy ready and were waiting for Sonny, in his Superman costume, to ring their bells. 

Even after Sonny's parents thought he had had enough and headed home, other neighbors followed them and continued to hand out candy.

Sonny's mother, Jackie, said her son loved trick-or-treating. "He kept talking about how much fun he had -- he tried to sleep with his candy!” 

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