Little Boy with Diabetes Selling Pumpkins to get Service Dog

Little Boy with Diabetes Selling Pumpkins to get Service Dog

Before the school year started, six-year-old Ian Unger of Sand Lake, Michigan, got some bad news. Because he’s diabetic, he wasn’t going to be able to ride the school bus with the other kids.

This wasn’t because the school district was being mean. Instead, they wanted to make sure Ian would be safe – and they were worried because no one on the bus was trained to help Ian in case of emergencies.

But Ian didn’t let this stop him from searching for a solution. He decided to get a trained service dog who would watch over him and allow him to ride that bus.

There was another problem, though. Service dogs cost $25,000 – which was money that Ian didn’t have.

So, Ian took action. He planted pumpkin seeds this summer with the hopes of raising pumpkins and selling them to raise money for the dog.

The plan worked. The pumpkins grew and Ian has been selling them for either $5 or $10, depending on the size.

Money poured in, both from people who bought his pumpkins as well as from those who were inspired by his determination and just sent him donations through his website.

Amazingly, he raised the full amount and is excited to take his first steps – with his service dog by his side – onto the school bus. 

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