Five Brothers Give Their Sister A Special Wedding Day Surprise

Kaley West Young was excited while planning her wedding, but knew it would be bittersweet because her father, David, had passed away three years ago. He wouldn’t be there for the father-daughter dance and there was nothing she could do about it.

But, Kaley’s five brothers decided that something could be done, so they took the song “Fathers and Daughters” by Michael Bolton and made some special changes. They took short clips of their dad’s voice from home videos and edited those clips into the song.

When it was time for the father-daughter dance, the brothers led her out to the dance floor and it was a great surprise to Kaley – as well as all of the guests – to hear David’s voice.

Because of the creativity of the brothers, David was there with Kaley during that dance.

Kaley admits that she was overwhelmed with emotion and struggling to even stand because of her brothers’ thoughtfulness – and the loving memory of their father at that special moment. 

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